About Us

Welcome to Antennaly, where the world of antennas unfolds before you like never before. Founded by Trisha S Mendosa in 2019, Antennaly is not just a website; it’s your compass in navigating the intricate world of antennas, from HDTV to radio and satellite. We embark on this journey with a passion for connectivity, aiming to unravel the complexities and make technology accessible to all.

Antennaly is more than a collection of articles; it’s a community of antenna enthusiasts and tech explorers. Trisha S Mendosa, our founder, envisioned a platform where individuals could find comprehensive information about different types of antennas. Whether you are setting up an HDTV antenna for your home or exploring the intricacies of satellite antennas, Antennaly is your one-stop destination.

How We Test Antennas

At Antennaly, ensuring the quality and reliability of our content is at the core of what we do. Our testing procedures are meticulously designed, adhering to industry standards and practices. Here’s an in-depth look at how we ensure that the antennas we recommend meet the highest standards:

Signal Strength Analysis:

Our antennas undergo a rigorous signal strength analysis to determine their ability to capture and maintain a stable signal. This involves testing in various signal conditions, mimicking real-world scenarios to ensure optimal performance.

Real-world Scenario Trials:

Antennas must perform in the environments where they’re used. We conduct real-world scenario trials, placing antennas in different settings to evaluate their effectiveness in diverse conditions. This includes urban, suburban, and rural environments.

Durability Checks:

Longevity is crucial. Our durability checks involve subjecting antennas to harsh conditions to assess their resilience. This includes exposure to extreme weather conditions, ensuring antennas can withstand the test of time.

Reception Across Frequencies:

Antennas need to cater to a variety of frequencies. We conduct extensive tests to ensure that antennas can pick up signals across different frequency ranges, providing users with versatility and reliability.

Interference Handling:

In a world filled with electronic signals, interference is inevitable. We test how well antennas handle interference, ensuring that users get a clear and stable signal even in challenging signal environments.

Meet Our Team

Hey there! We’re the faces behind Antennaly, a bunch of tech enthusiasts on a mission to unravel the mysteries of antennas and make tech-talk fun and friendly for everyone. Let’s get to know each team member a little better!

Trisha S. Mendosa – Founder and Author

Meet Trisha, the brain and heart behind Antennaly. Since starting this adventure in 2019, Trisha has been all about antennas, tech, and helping folks like you understand the exciting world of signals. She’s not just a tech whiz; she’s your friendly guide in the tech jungle, making sure you feel at home while exploring the antennas’ universe.

Brandon J. Day – Senior Tester

Say hello to Brandon! He’s our go-to guy for testing antennas. Brandon loves figuring out how things work, especially antennas. His knack for understanding the nitty-gritty of electrical stuff is like having your tech-savvy buddy explain things without the jargon. When he’s not testing antennas, you might find him tinkering with gadgets or enjoying a sci-fi book.

Rosa M. Reichert – Research and Content Coordinator

Meet Rosa, the wordsmith of the team. Rosa makes sure our articles not only make sense but also sound fun. She’s got a superpower for turning techy topics into stories you’d actually enjoy reading. From journalism to tech, Rosa’s journey is like a cool adventure story, and she’s here to share the excitement with you.

Michael M. Morris – Industry Expert

Introducing Michael, our industry guru! With a background in all things telecom, Michael is the guy who keeps us in the loop about what’s hot and happening in the antenna world. He’s like the cool older sibling who knows all the trends and always has the inside scoop.

Henry C. Rollins – Photo and VideoGrapher

Meet Henry, our visual storyteller. If a picture is worth a thousand words, Henry’s photos and videos are worth a million! He turns our antenna adventures into a visual treat. Whether it’s capturing the sleek design of an antenna or making a “how-to” video, Henry adds the perfect visual spice to our tech tales.

Our Goal

Hey, tech explorers! At Antennaly, our goal is as clear as a blue sky: we want to be your trusty guide in the vast world of antennas. Our mission started back in 2019 when Trisha, our awesome founder, decided it was time to break down the barriers between you and the tech wonders of antennas.

What Drives Us?
Our compass is set on making tech talk easy-peasy for everyone. Whether you’re into HDTVs, radios, or satellite antennas, we’re here to make sure you understand the what’s, how’s, and why’s without the techy headaches. Our goal is to turn antennas from mysterious devices into your tech buddies.

Your Tech Journey Companion
Think of us as your companions on this tech journey. We want to provide you with articles that feel like a chat with a friend – friendly, informative, and never too complicated. Your “Aha!” moments are our high-fives, and we’re committed to making your tech adventure enjoyable.

Why You Should Trust Us

Now, let’s talk trust. Why should you believe what we say? Great question!

  1. Expertise that Speaks Volumes: Meet our team – Trisha, Brandon, Rosa, Michael, and Henry. Each member brings a unique superpower to the table. From Trisha’s tech wisdom to Brandon’s hands-on testing, Rosa’s storytelling, Michael’s industry insights, and Henry’s visual magic – we’ve got the dream team.
  2. Testing, Testing, 1-2-3: We don’t just talk the tech talk; we walk the tech walk. Our antennas go through rigorous testing, mimicking real-life scenarios, so you can trust that our recommendations aren’t just words; they’re backed by practical experience.
  3. Ahead of the Tech Curve: With Michael on board, we stay ahead of the curve on the latest in the antenna world. You can count on us to bring you the freshest insights and trends. We’re not just keeping up; we’re paving the way.
  4. Friendly and Approachable: We’re not here to baffle you with tech jargon. Our goal is to make tech accessible, and that means being approachable. Have a question? Drop us a line. Need clarification? We’re here. We want you to feel comfortable on your tech journey.

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