Best HDTV antennas for mountain and wooded areas- 2020 Reviews

If you think that cable subscriptions charge you a lot, then my friend you aren’t alone. Just cut the cord and get yourself an HDTV antenna which can save you thousands of bucks over a year. With HDTV antenna, you won’t only access hundreds of free over-the-air channels but also in 4K full HD picture quality. All you need to do is plug in the cord and scan for new channels.

If are living in hilly terrains or woody areas, you might be facing low receptions. There can be several obstacles such as trees or even high mountains. For better reception, you need to place the HDTV antenna as high as possible or place the HDTV antenna away from trees that block the signal to the antenna.

Many antennas come with a preamp that can amplify low signals for you. Below are some of the best HDTV antennas which can give you excellent results even in such challenging conditions.

Best 10 HDTV antennas for mountain and heavily wooded areas

1. ClearStream 2MAX® UHF/VHF Indoor/Outdoor HDTV Antenna for Mountain areas

Best Overall

With enhanced technology and a greater beam angle, the antenna is expected to address a much wider frequency range and can even catch signals from few and far broadcasting stations. The setup is very easy to configure as most of it comes preconfigured.

his HDTV antenna has a range over 60 miles, though the VHF and UHF multi-direction elements can turn out to be very crucial for receiving signals at mountains and wooded areas. The Clearstream 2MAX HDTV Antenna can be set up either indoor, outdoor or attic.

The antenna comes with a little stand to mount it indoors but you might not receive most of the TV signals or stations indoors at the mountainous region. You can mount it on the pole which also comes with the HDTV antenna you don’t need to buy it separately. Don’t believe me? Check out the product by yourself.

2. ANTOP “Big Boy” AT-400BV waterproof Long Range Antenna for wooden area

Long Range

The ANTOP AT-200BV comes with a waterproof design. It also offers resistance from unwanted weather and UV rays, it is definitely the one you are looking for. The 4G LTE filter limits irrelevant 3G and 4G signals, whereas the smart amplifier can amplify over a range of 75 to 85 miles has an on/off switch.

This is a notable feature of this HDTV antenna as most of the TV antennas for mountains don’t have a preamp and you have to get separately. The preamp can overamplify signals and you can lose some channels.

You can easily turn on/off in this antenna as your requirement. The antenna can be mounted anywhere indoors either it is a wall, roof, attic, and even balcony wherever the hell you want. Grab it now!

3. ClearStream® MAX-V UHF/VHF Indoor/Outdoor HDTV Antenna for a heavily wooded area

Also Great

If you are living in a hilly area, then you need to have a reliable HDTV antenna that can get maximum channels. Clearstream MAX-V does this job for you. Clearstream is well-known for its some of the best and top-selling HDTV antennas for hilly terrain in the market.

The refined design gives a much better look than regular antennas. Talking about performance, you can expect the best reception over the range of the HDTV antenna (60 miles) without any pixelation. This antenna is at a perfect angle to receive most of the channels from the UHF and Hi-VHF range.

And you can also easily mount it Indoor, outdoor, or even attic using the flexible mounting kit provided with the HDTV antenna. Hurry up, don’t think much, and get it now.

4. DB8e 8-Element Bowtie Attic/Outdoor Antenna for Mountain area

High Performance

At mountainous terrain, the strength of the incoming signal is often reduced due to trees, and roof covering. To overcome this issue, you need a powerful HDTV antenna like DB8e 8-Element Bowtie Antenna.

This antenna has an incomparable gain of 17.4 dB. Whereas the included reflector which can be helpful in adding range and protection from multipath interference. It can include free over-the-air sports, sitcom, news, and other channels that are broadcasted within its range (70 miles).

It is quite easy to set up the HDTV antenna if you have clearly gone through the instruction provided in the instruction manual. The outdoor TV antenna is an excellent solution for your entertainment for rural hilly areas. Don’t forget to buy this if you are looking for the long run.

5. ANTOP Omni Wing AT-415B

With Exclusive Smartpass Amplifier

ANTOP Omni Wing AT-415B has a smooth and streamlined design of a wing, it is a weather-resistant antenna and also offers protection from UV rays.

The ANTOP exclusive Smartpass technology is determined to amplify most of the free over-the-air channels within a range of 65 miles and is the long-range HDTV antenna for hilly terrains. This HDTV antenna can cover channels across the full RF Range (UHF and VHF channels).

It works on 360° reception, which means you don’t need to rotate every time to expect new channels. The 4G filter further removes any unwanted 3G and 4G signals that can interfere with the incoming signal. You can easily mount this antenna at the rooftop, balcony, wall, or even attic within 5 minutes and can receive free channels in multiple TVs at a time. Buy it now!

6. Antop PRO-LINE UFO PL-414BG

Antop PRO-LINE UFO PL-414BG is a well-equipped adaptable HDTV antenna for the long run. The antenna is 15 inches in diameter and suitable as an indoor TV antenna in rural areas, hilly areas, mobile homes, and also RV travel.

This 360° antenna has a range of 55-65 miles in diameter that so you don’t need to adjust it manually while It can pick up 1080p signals with no blind spots. This HDTV antenna offers flexible options to mount it anywhere using the provided mounting bracket.

All you need to do is unscrew it and reorientate it to the desired position. The power inserter with smart switch offers a reception for both short and long-range you can switch between the ranges in a single click. Remember to scan channels after each switch. Buy now!

7. 91XG Unidirectional Long-Range Antenna for Mountain and Wooded areas UHF Attic/Outdoor HDTV Antenna

91XG is a powerful antenna with an enormous gain of 16.7 dB. It is a unidirectional antenna, that means for getting better picture quality using this antenna you need to point in the right direction. You can expect almost every TV channel in the UHF range with enhanced picture quality.

The antenna can receive signals within a range of 70 miles though you can extend it by placing the antenna higher than the ground at rural hilly areas. Thanks to the snap-lock design which makes assemble in no time and you can mount either vertically or horizontally.

Its body is made up of lightweight aluminum casing and provides anti-corrosion property to the build, due to the low wind load the HDTV antenna can withstand in heavy winds. Don’t think much and get it now!

8. DB4e 4-Element Bowtie Attic/Outdoor Antenna for the Heavily wooded area

DB4e-4 Element is another bowtie HDTV antenna in the list after DB8e-8. This HDTV antenna has a range of 75+ miles with a maximum gain of 14.5 dB and a beamwidth of 60° for receiving longer-range UHF channels and shorter-range reception for high VHF band.

It can easily pick up almost all HDTV channels which you are looking for. The reflector further enhances the range of the antenna by shielding the signals from multipath-interference, it is an ideal TV antenna for mountain and woody areas where the incoming signal is hindered much often.

With this compact design, you can mount this mighty bowtie antenna either on the attic or on the rooftop as the antenna is pre-configured, all you need to do is connect it with the provided equipment. Don’t forget to order now!

9. ANTOP Flat-Panel AT-413

The ANTOP AT-413 is an Omni-directional HDTV antenna hence you don’t need to manually point it for better results. The lean design of the lightweight flat panel HDTV antenna is loved by most of its customers.

ANTOP newest Digital Technology enables it to have maximum gain with minimum multipath interference. Furthermore, The UV shield protection, weatherproof features make it durable to withstand any adverse weather conditions.

The range for this antenna is about 65+ miles and can look for UHF and VHF signals. With the waterproof design, the tv antenna is ready to mount.

Make sure to install this TV antenna properly and mount it as high as at the hilly area possible for better signal strength quality and avoid interference from other electronic devices that consume a lot of power such as AC, Hairdryer, etc. Switch to this antenna now.

10. ClearStream ECLIPSE® Amplified Indoor HDTV Antenna

ClearStream ECLIPSE has a range of 50+ miles and can look multiple directions for HD channels using this TV antenna at the mountain and wooded areas. Mounting becomes so easy with this antenna, hold this indoor antenna to a wall or even stick it to any surface without making holes to screw in it.

Though It is suggested to fix it near the window. The 20 dB in-line signal amplifier can considerably boost the signal for crystal-clear channels. The energy-efficient antenna is connected to your TV via a USB port on your TV hence it only draws power when it is turned on.

If you can’t find any USB port there, you can also use the USB power adapter into any socket. In addition to this, you will love its round and elegant design which can enhance the overall look to your setup. Get it NOW!

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