HDTV rabbit ears antenna – best Bunny Ears antenna

10 Best HDTV Rabbit Ears Antennas – Best Bunny Ears Antenna

1. GE Indoor TV Rabbit Ears Antenna

GE Digital TV antenna provides the best tv receptions on VHF and UHF frequency bands. With this, you can watch your favorite TV shows and channels available in your area for free in 1080p picture quality. It is compatible to deliver high-definition video quality up to 4K and sound quality.

This amplified rabbit ears antenna can receive clear signals from as far as 50 miles. It comes with the latest Pure Amp technology giving better signal strength without any black spots. It also reduces 4G/5G LTE signals interfering with your devices along with other unwanted noise.

The multiple mounting options included support for the horizontal and vertical mount. Moreover, feel free to use the extendable dipoles for better signal reception if you are covered with huge trees and obstacles.

2. RCA Amplified Indoor HDTVBunny Ears Antenna

The RCA Amplified Antenna comes with SmartBoost Amplification Technology designed to give more channels with noticeable and better visual quality by amplifying low signals and killing spammy noises for non-stop entertainment.

This amplification is much easier to adjust using this digital rabbit ears antenna for tv reception, just by switching but users have still reported even when turned off, improving the reception! It can receive channels from both VHF and UHF bands with utmost accuracy giving more choices.

You will receive up to 4X more channels than a regular TV antenna, though it highly depends on where you live. The sleek and thin design can match your home theatre and overall set up. With a 6 ft cable antenna, it is much flexible to put it anywhere you want or hide it behind your TV.

3. RCA ANT121Z Durable Passive Indoor Rabbit Antenna

This indoor antenna comes with a durable and long-lasting build quality making it perfect for the longer run. It possesses a stronger reception that can offer true HD entertainment than most of the regular antennas.

It is also compatible with multiple TV connections at a time, where you can even play different TV shows of your choice on any of the screens. The rabbit tv antenna for digital tv has a thin design which can fit with your system with ease.

This another reason which you should be getting this product is its Energy-star certification and hence save more power than other antennas in this range. Go and get it now!

4. GE Flat Panel – HD Rabbit Ear

This rabbit ears antenna is capable of receiving and delivering uncompressed 1080p signals to your HDTV. Get ready to enjoy hundreds of free HD channels within a range of 30 miles in the best available picture and sound quality.

The chrome dipoles and loops are designed for superior reception of VHF and UHF signals in the region. The flat panel design gives an enhanced look to the design and can earn some compliments from friends and relatives.

If you are looking to set up for multiple TVs, then this is the one as it allows you to continue your entertainment with multiple TVs. The built-in amplifier with 18 ft coaxial cable can filter out irrelevant noise helping in much clearer output without any pixelation.

5. Fosmon HDTV Bunny Antenna

Fosmon HDTV antenna can deliver free OTA channels in 4K picture quality within a good coverage of 40 km from your nearest broadcast towers.

For best reception, place it where you receive the strongest signal inside the house which you can easily find by simply extending with its long enough cables. The extensible antenna includes a pair of foldable rabbit ear antennas which is quite futuristic as it can stretch up to 14 inches and perform 360 degrees rotation for outstanding receptions.

The thin and flat antenna gives a classy finish and looks wherever you want to place either it is on the table or just side to your TV setup. It won’t go unnoticed from anyone’s eyes. Order one for yourself today!

6. Philips Rabbit Ears

This amplified rabbit ear antenna can receive UHF and VHF signals in uncompressed 1080p display, 4K UHD and as well as 8K video quality.

It includes a pair of extendable dipole antennas which can be stretched up to 15 inches in search of clear signals. It can receive strong signals within the 30-mile range, though you can still insert an amplifier to enjoy free OTA channels farther than the specified range.

The other features include a 120 Hz refresh rate, advanced alerts for important messages and notifications, moreover, it offers features to use the internet connection in addition to the OTA channels for your entertainment. The rubber feet make it resistant to further scratches and stability it needs to install it at flexible places.

7. RCA Amplified

If you have come too far, then you won’t mind looking at this rabbit ear antenna for OTA channels. It has a range of 45 miles, though it can vary with location. By switching on the amplification, you can receive even more channels.

This rabbit ears antenna for the local channel can deliver great video and audio quality up to 4K UHD content. This lightweight box comes with a tough build quality which can easily adjust to any window for best reception.

Moreover, it can easily resist throughout any weather condition (rain, winter and snow) to give you consistent performance throughout the year. It is trusted by most of its users due to its performance and reliability which comes at a fair price which you can’t resist. Cut the cord today!

8. Philips Modern Loop Rabbit Ears

Get this rabbit ear antenna today and eliminate high priced cable and satellite connection. Simply by paying one time, you can enjoy free HDTV channels and favourite channels too!

The adjustable dipoles can go up to 15 inches to give the best reception and signal strength throughout the coverage. It is compatible with NextGen TV and supports 4K video quality display for OTA channels.

Though it has a range of 30 miles as described by the manufacturer, it is advised to use the amplifier in case of no signal either if you live 20 miles away from the broadcast tower for. If you look at its tabletop design, it comes with a weighted base along with rubber feet which prevents it from scratches and any other physical damages.

9. GE Traditional Rabbit Ears

With stronger reception, this product can receive high-quality OTA channels in a crystal clear picture quality and amazing sound quality. It supports both UHF and VHF receptions, along with 4K display. It is compatible with almost every other HDTV brand. Moreover, you can also use an internet connection to carry on your entertainment.

The 120 Hz refresh rate gives a soothing experience to your eyes. It has a coverage of 40 miles though, you can always add an amplifier for better reception for signals over 20 miles.

The adjustable dipole with a circular loop gives a technical advantage over other antennas in this range whereas extendable antennas can be helpful while receiving UHF and VHF frequencies.

10. RCA ANT111E

If you wish to use another streaming device in addition to an HDTV antenna, then you need to get this one. It can easily team up with a preferred streaming device, providing features of both devices in a single place for your endless entertainment needs.

It can be easily placed anywhere in the house and still receive the maximum of it without any blind spots. With SmartBoost Amplification technology, it reduces further noise and amplifies the signal hence increasing the throughput from the device. Reducing any chances of pixelation on the screen.

It is most suitable for receiving channels from Low-VHF bands. The rabbit ear antenna delivers for HDTV the best performance built with top-class components and certified with quality checks approved by CEA. Don’t miss the deal.


Rabbit ears antenna can save your hundreds of bucks from huge cable or satellite TV bills just by cutting the cord today! Rabbit ears antenna comes with extendable dipoles which give them an advantage over regular antennas. It delivers high-end picture quality with HD audio quality taking your experience to a whole new level.
GE indoor antenna is a perfect pick that can meet all your entertainment needs by delivering tons of channels available in the local broadcast network, get it today!

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