How to install a TV Antenna: HDTV Antenna Installation guide

How to install a TV Antenna_ HDTV Antenna Installation guide

Although cable and digital television seem to prevail in our day, you may still want to have access to the local channels that usually broadcast through VHF and UHF radio waves, so if you want to watch analog television you must know how to install a TV antenna, as we explain in this step guide.

Virtually everyone in your home enjoys pay-TV or cable television, but we may also need access to analog television and digital terrestrial television, for which an antenna whose installation is not as complicated as it seems will be necessary.

Items need for an Antenna Installation

  • An antenna
  • 75 ohms or 300 ohms transformer (which usually comes with the antenna)
  • Mast to fix the antenna and it must be at least three meters high.
  • Outdoor coaxial cable
  • Grounding Block
  • Signal splitter
  • Digital converter for each of the analog TVs in the home
  • Antenna rotor (which is optional)
  • Drill
  • Drill bits
  • Screws
  • Signal amplifier (optional)
  • Plastic handles

Step by step guide to Install a TV Antenna

  1. To install a TV antenna the first of all will be to choose the right size antenna. Depending on where you are located, or your budget. Most of the best indoor digital antenna for rural areas are usually placed on top of the TV and that receive limited channels but are cheaper and their installation is quite basic (you just have to connect it to the TV and move the antennas to receive the signal), and we also have the outdoor antennas (more common), for whose installation we have to follow more steps.
  2. The outdoor antennas are located outside the houses, in an elevated place where there are no elements that interrupt the reception of the signal. Especially when you bought a TV antenna for mountain areas, make sure to place it on the top of a house roof or on the roof of a neighborhood community.
  3. To start with the installation of the TV antenna, we have to start with the cable that will go from this to the connection of our TV. This must go throughout the outer wall, so we will have to drill to place the cable, also leaving some space between the clamps to prevent the antenna from moving much with the wind.
  4. The antenna must be fixed to the mast to raise its height. Look for a surface where it is safe to place the antenna and where there is not too much wind. It also prevents other electrical cables around or tree branches.
  5. To fix the antenna, you will have to tighten the U-shaped screws to the clamps. When fixed, you have to add the cable to the mast with the plastic clamps.
  6. You have to make sure that the antenna screws and nuts are connected to the antenna transformer. If you have bought an antenna that only has a coaxial connector that comes out of its plastic body, you will only have to connect the coaxial cable there. You may also have purchased an antenna on which the transformer is already embedded so that you will not have to connect it.
  7. Now you have to connect the other end of the cable to the ground connection block.
  8. In addition, you must identify the connection of the TV to the antenna, which is normally an output marked “Connector F” or will have a shape with a round protrusion, it may also be marked “DTV” or “DTT” for digital reception.
  9. The next step will be to connect the antenna to the TV through RF coaxial cables, of which there are two types, one that is screwed and pushed forward and another that is screwed has some more support.
  10. Once the antenna is connected to the TV, we will have to turn it on in order to tune the channels. You will have to select the input that matches the reception of the antenna to search for the channels and configure these so that they are arranged as you prefer.
  11. In the case of having connected everything correctly and not receiving a good signal, it is possible that we have to raise and move the antenna to catch a good reception for this it is advisable to install an antenna rotor that will facilitate that we can rotate the antenna as we want.

You can also Install the Satellite dish Antenna and external antenna for bose wave radio with ease.

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