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10 Best Wireless tv Antennas Reviews 2020

1. NVIDIA SHIELD – Best Wireless Antenna for TV

The NVIDIA Shield TV antenna delivers high-end performance using the latest Tegra X1+ processor making it much faster and reliable than its previous versions. You will experience more storage and expand it further using the 2x USB ports.

It features inbuilt Chromecast to cast your favourite apps on this TV and inbuilt Google assistant is truly helpful to recognize your commands. Looking at its core features, AI upscaling uses AI to enhance the received HD video quality (and even lower resolution too) to 4K picture clarity.

Apart from video, it also gives the surreal sound performance by upgrading the incoming sound quality using Dolby Atmos. Feel free to use it with a Plex server to stream tons of movies and live TV. It comes with exceptional technical support to keep you updated with the latest software updates and features from NVIDIA.

2. Newest Roku – Good indoor tv antenna

Roku TV comes with a never-ending collection of entertainment including live TV shows and huge movie collection. It gives access to other streaming platforms services such as The Roku channel, Apple TV, Prime TV, Google Play, Netflix and many more.

You can stream any of these in an extraordinary picture quality supporting HD and 4K display. Other technical features of this indoor TV antenna include voice remote, remote finder, USB, SD and Ethernet ports for lightning-fast connectivity, and easy shortcuts on the home screen.

Moreover, you can use the captions for better understanding along with JBL headphones included with this TV antenna. It is just simple to set up, just plug-in and connect to the internet and enjoy. Don’t miss the deal, Grab now!

3. Fire TV 4K – Affordable Digital TV Antenna

Fire TV 4K is a breath-taking upgrade in almost every possible way from its previous version. With much better internet connectivity which reduces any buffering issues, the wifi has extensively performed with much improved speeds and network coverage than its previous builds.

Before getting this make sure to have good internet connectivity and the TV should support HDCP 2.2 input on the HDMI input for streaming 4K content. You can easily control the whole system including the TV, receiver from a single remote which you can customise as per needs.

The remote comes with new buttons giving you more control over the TV. You can turn it on, switch between different receivers, control volume even on the receiver from a single remote! It also supports Dolby Digital and entertainment platforms including Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video and many more.

4. AirTV Player – Outdoor wireless tv Antenna

With AirTV you can access a wide range of movies and TV shows from Sling TV. If you are missing your old channels, don’t worry as this wireless OTA antenna gives access to free over-the-air channels available in your area.

Apart from these add-ons, users can still access games and a lot of applications from the play store. If you look at its design, it is slim in design and lightweight box with a paintable white surface which can be mounted anywhere up to your wish.

It is based on the Android TV Operating System with a nice user interface on the home screen and gives fair options to cut the cord today! Get this indoor wireless TV antenna now.

5. Airtv 2

AirTV 2 is another great deal, which lets you stream your favourite TV shows and entertainment on the wifi network. With this TV antenna, you can stream tons of movies available on Sling platform in HD quality.

However, you can also stream unlimited local OTA channels available within a maximum range of 70 miles (it can be tuned easily on the device)! With Sling cloud DVR, it is now much easier to pause, rewind and even record your favourite shows.

You can record up to two shows at a time, thanks to Dual Tuner. If a single TV is not enough, then it’s time to get an external DVR which lets us connect multiple TVs at a time. The wireless over-the-air TV antenna also adds connectivity with any streaming device such as Roku, Firestick or smartphone.

6. SiliconDust HDHomeRun HDHR5-2US

If you are looking for a wireless indoor TV antenna for supporting multiple connections, then HDHomerun is the one to get. This TV antenna comes with a solution to your entertainment on any platform either it is a smartphone, PC, Android or Sony TV or any screen.

With free OTA channels, it will save hundreds of bucks so happily say goodbye to those huge cable bills. Streaming on multiple devices at the same time has never been too easy with extra features such as pause, rewind and record, thanks to DVR.

Moreover, it is highly customizable as per requirements, as you can connect multiple Tuners to the router for receiving more channels. This wireless OTA TV antenna also offers many streaming options like Plex TV and Live TV, so users aren’t left with only single streaming platforms to choose from.

7. Apple TV

With 4K display, Apple TV comes with a solution for true 4K display on your screen. If you are having 4K TV, then there isn’t any reason to get any other wireless indoor TV antenna than this one. Its features are not only limited to video but with Dolby Digital plus 7.1, users can listen to realistic sound experience.

Apart from these, the UI/UX design is just awesome and offers dark and light modes and can draw favourite applications to the main screen as you do in smartphones. Siri support makes life easier to carry out day to day interaction with apps.

Though you can even access media from the cloud, control other devices from your voice and many more. For the first time Gaming has been possible with a third-party interface, you can use game controllers along with Live Streaming features to enjoy favourite games.

8. TiVo Stream 4K

The ultimate TiVo stream is empowered with Sling TV to catch up with favorite shows and live telecasts. Its user-specific recommendations are one of the key features which make it unique from others. With this feature, it is much easier to find what you like and based on what you see.

Viewers are entitled to a 4K UHD display supporting Dolby Vision HDR for vivid picture quality and the Dolby Atmos provides an overall extraordinary sound experience. It has got a clean and user-interactive UI much easy to navigate. The voice search support also works great as expected for finding a favorite show or video from YouTube.

Apart from these, you can access thousands of free as well as paid applications available on Google Play Store. At this price, this rural area’s indoor tv antenna is value for the money. Don’t miss the deal.

9. Roku Ultra Streaming Media Player

With Roku Ultra Streaming Player, you can get a cinematic video experience just sitting at your couch, for the first time. This product’s compatibility ranges with 1080p HD TV to 4K UHD, HDR TVs having HDMI inputs supporting HDCP 2.2. It has Dolby Atmos and Dolby audio support for enhancing sound quality.

With Roku TV, stream your favourite shows and other streaming platforms including Disney+ and Apple TV on all compatible devices. With much ease to set up, you can also stream from your favourite Netflix, Hulu, Google Play and many more.

The following wireless digital TV antenna has excelled than its previous builds in terms of performance, picture quality and improved wifi connectivity on multiple bands. The enhanced processor has considerably reduced the start-up time of the device making it free from lags.

10. Tablo Dual LITE [TDNS2B-01-CN]

Tablo Dual LITE broadcast most of the OTA channels along with the free ones can save viewers from paying huge cable bills. It comes with a lot of inbuilt features including Live record and basic video functions for free on your local storage drive.

You can always modify streaming or downloading quality as per your network speed. Though it requires a subscription for advanced features including automatic Ad skipping, out-of-home streaming and a lot more. It allows connectivity up to 6 devices at a time while recording up to two live streams at a time.

With ethernet and wifi connectivity, you can easily mount and still receive the best reception anywhere in the house. Tablo also provides a channel guide with a 14-day free trial, which you won’t mind buying again but you can always operate without using it.


With a wireless TV antenna, you can not only stream live TV but on any platform of your wish but can choose where you want to. The truly vivid display along with surround sound experience will make you feel theatre-like video and audio experience at your own home without paying any extra fee! With optimum comfort, you can still use features such as live tv recording, downloading, voice control and playback etc.

The Nvidia Shield comes with the AI upscaling feature to maximize the content quality, giving another level of entertainment which you won’t regret. Moreover, With Roku TV you can also enjoy content from other popular streaming platforms. Fire TV 4K by Amazon has been one of the top-selling products in this industry. It has been so easy to set up and stream with this device. Don’t forget to check it out!

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